Soul Food

The material below is all information I have consumed and loved. A lot of it changed my life. We have to consciously choose what kind of person we want to be. The world will shape your soul unless you take control and start inputing the material it's really hungering. Start reading and then see where it takes you, you may be surprised.


Further Reading

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Everybody Always

Simplifies christianity and being a good person. It all boils down to loving people like Jesus did. 


Love Dare Devotional

Simple and powerful way to set your focus for the day and for your relationship.


Nelson Mandela's Autobiography

If you ever think you're going through a rough time in your life- read this book. He became my personal hero.


The Gifts of Imperfection

All of Brene's books are amazing. She talks about shame and vulnerability and sheds light where there is darkness. This was my first step back into the light.

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Love busters

A book everyone should read, both individually and as a couple to get on the same page as far as what is acceptable and what is unacceptable in a relationship.

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For Women Only

You will understand how the man's mind works in ways you never thought you could. There is also a corresponding "For Men Only" book, a must for every woman!

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Hold Me Tight

I think everyone should see a therapist at least once in their life. EFT - Emotion Focused Therapy is the way to go, because our relationships are based on emotional connections. This book is the first step to all that goodness.


Letters to my Daughters

Excellent sound advice to wife's to be and those already married.


Taylor's Playlist

Music can move us in positive and negative ways. Start tipping the scales towards LOVE.


Strengths Finder

It's a personality test on steroids. The book includes the test. Take it, know your strengths and weaknesses. This will help you in all areas of life.


I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Athiest

God uses science, and science proves God. This book goes through all the creation theories and finally puts them to rest. 


The Valley of Vision

This is a collection of puritan prayers, but it's actually more like poetry from heaven that feeds the soul. It's so beautiful, it moves me every morning, I read one a day.


Jesus Calling

This is a fantastic daily devotional. Somehow it seems that every day you read applies to exactly what you're going through.


The Physics of Heaven

The science behind heaven, frequencies, vibrations, the spritiual realm. Dive deep into the river.


The Book of Forgiving

This book helped me release those people from my past that had hurt me. It opened me to the healing that forgiveness brings.



Read this before or while in any relationship. 


For Better or for Best

Read the companion book as well.


Listen to This


Everything Must go

-Powerful preaching bringing down heaven. Everything must go in order to fully live.

Uncomplicated | Love, Sex, & Marriage

- I had the privilege of working with Pastor Jeremy and Hope City. Watch this entire series, it's foundational for relationships. Plus he's hilarious.


Priscilla Shirer

-Listen to all her stuff. But this series is the bomb diggity.


The Blessing is in the Breaking - Jentezen Franklin

-This message brought me to my knees. If you're going through a hard time and you don't know why bad things are happening to you-listen to this message.


Marriage Today

- Sign up for their newsletters, great weekly advice, all their teachings are solid based on real experience. You'll gain a lot from Jimmy and Karen.

- Especially listen to their Marriage on the Rock series. This should be a premarital requirement for all couples.


The Lost Secret of Imagination | 26th June 2016 | Prophet Charles Hlanganiso | WOWLife Church

- Powerful spiritual insight and encouragement.


Living from Heaven | 14th August 2016 | Chris Blackeby | WOWLife Church

- Groundbreaking insight into what we as sons and daughters of Christ own as our inheritance. Just be prepared, it's going to blow your socks off.


Love & Respect

Men and women operate completely different. If you don't study and learn, you'll never get an A in your relationship.


Crucial Confrontations

I used to struggle with confrontation, resolving issues, feeling comfortable talking and stating my feelings. This book helped me through so much of that.


The Passion Translation

This is the version of the Bible I am currently reading. Translated from the Aramaic and Hebrew, it opens up new meaning, buy all the books!


The 5 Love Languages

People like to receive love in different ways. Figure out your special way.  It will help you so much in relationships.


The 7 Principles for Making Marriage Work

Just read it.


The Power of a Praying Woman

When life isn't going your way, don't underestimate the power of prayer.


The Dance of Connection

Communication while emotions run high is critical to a relationship's survival but also nearly impossible. This book teaches you how.