Golden White Project

To create a program in schools to teach children about building their character. To provide school children with important life application classes.  To bridge the gap between book knowledge and life knowledge. To help them organize, run, and shape their lives consciously so that they live happier and contribute more to society. 

To Change the World - that's my mission.

My ultimate goal is to create program in schools to teach children about building their character. To expand on that, the reason behind that is: when you think about it, we have classes on calculous, history, English, even on sex etc…yet NO classes that teach children about what it means to be a good person, morals, building our character, and most importantly - no classes that teach us anything on one of the most important decisions we will make in our life- who we will marry, what kind of relationship we want. Schools are feeding the minds and body (gym class) but is doing nothing to feed the soul.  It used to be the parents teaching their children these things, but with divorce rates near 70% and children being raised in broken homes -as I was- the kids aren’t being taught that, they aren’t observing a normal relationship, and single parents are struggling to simply put food on the table and survive let alone create time each day to teach their children what they should be learning  already - which is morals, values, creating the life and the person they wish to be. 

Instead we grow up and let the world shape us -we don’t actively and consciously involve our minds in who and what we are becoming. We simply let life push us along wherever it leads us. We let our heart lead us, instead of us leading our heart.  Kids look to social media for examples of what they should be doing and who they should become, and it’s a wonder to us that we’re faced with a generation of MEMEME mindset.

THIS is why I want to get a program into schools. I think the children are crying out for love and attention and all we have to do is look at the numerous school shootings, the “look at me” begging for attention on social media, children trying to become famous and be important only to be noticed and loved. I think if we don’t start implementing change, the downward spiral will continue. Brokenness begets brokenness. We have to stop the cycle and show how to heal from within, give children the skills necessary to face anything life will throw at them.  This is the heart and mission behind everything I do.

If you think you can help this big idea please feel free to reach out to me!

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Below are a list of class topics I continually add to. Have a suggestion for a topic? Send it on over!

Using social media in a healthy way

Where to get your identity from


Conflict resolution skills

Friendship basics

Healthy relationships

Understanding different emotions

Expressing emotion




How to treat others

How to interact with people you don’t understand

Defining and recognizing love

Developing your life goals

Developing relationship goals

Dealing with family trouble

Understanding Manipulation

Working with difficult people

Work Ethic

Contributing to society

How to shape the future

How what we surround ourselves with shapes us

Social influences


Living debt free

Where you spend your time is where you place value

Girls – how to treat boys

Girls – understanding boys

Boys – how to treat girls

Boys – understanding girls


Consciously building your character

Body acceptance/media influence

Acceptance vs tolerance

Understanding politics

Respecting different opinions

Understanding different religions

Being conscious of subconscious influences

Dealing with failure

Preparing for marriage