Rainbow Bubbles

I had an encounter with Jesus this week. For those of you who think that sounds crazy. Let me tell you. He is closer than you think, and the spiritual realm is more real than what you see with your human eyes. I won’t dive into all that now, but there are plenty of resources on that subject.

I’ve had a lot on my plate recently in the form of worry. Trying to refinance our home to repair it from the flood, lawsuits, infertility, and all the fun stuff that comes with each of those struggles. Adding each trial on top of the other it began to feel like I was carrying around a weighted backpack.

Anxiety would creep up, my mind start to race, my heart beating faster. “Will this ever end?” I ask myself. I do the human thing and try to control it all. Frantically moving between one area and the next, trying to keep it all contained within my grasp.

Why do we always revert to our own works as humans? It’s because of the fall. Since that day, we’ve toiled and struggled, it comes natural to us. “Only you are in control of your destiny!”, we see quotes like that all over social media. Motivations encouraging us to work harder, push through, hustle, and sacrifice. We accept these quotes, they sound well-meaning enough.

But there’s a better way, and it’s been there for thousands of years. Jesus did the sacrifice and He tells us NOT to worry and that we don’t have to struggle.

1 Peter 5:7 The Passion Translation (TPT)

Pour out all your worries and stress upon him and leave them there, for he always tenderly cares for you.

Matthew 6:25-27 The Passion Translation (TPT)

Don’t Worry

25 “This is why I tell you to never be worried about your life, for all that you need will be provided, such as food, water, clothing—everything your body needs. Isn’t there more to your life than a meal? Isn’t your body more than clothing?

26 “Look at all the birds—do you think they worry about their existence? They don’t plant or reap or store up food, yet your heavenly Father provides them each with food. Aren’t you much more valuable to your Father than they?27 So, which one of you by worrying could add anything to your life?

As a Daughter of the King, I don’t have to worry, Jesus takes care of that. So this week I decided to step into my inheritance, and give it up to Him. I’m tired of walking around dragging my burdens behind me. The more I struggle to control them the less control I seem to have. All my hard work is in vain.

Photographer Kevin Frayer captures a community of coal scavengers in the village of Bokapahari, India

Photographer Kevin Frayer captures a community of coal scavengers in the village of Bokapahari, India

So I approached Jesus with it. I was hobbling towards him carrying my burdens. Each one of them was a chunk of dirty, black, heavy coal. I fumbled with them in my arms, trying to keep them all together. I slowly approached Him, His radiant glory was the sun. He looked like hope. I’m afraid to let it go. What will happen if I lose control of it? If I do nothing instead of trying to do everything? To free my hands of it seems not sensible. But I resolve to trust Him yet again.

I’m at His feet now. The weight of my burdens won’t let me stand any longer, I drop to my knees. I glance up at Him, all hope and love so close to me. He reaches out His hands to take my burdens from me. The thought of His perfect radiance touching my unclean dirty coal embarrasses me. I hang my head, I have no more left to give. All my energy trying to solve my problems is spent. I can’t go on any longer like this. I lift my armful of coal burden up to Him…and I let go.


The coal starts tumbling towards ground at His feet, but before it ever makes contact it transforms…into bubbles. That’s right, bubbles.

The bubbles drift upwards in front of my face between Jesus and I as I gaze into wonderful love. His light emanating from Him causes rainbow prisms inside the bubbles. Rainbow bubbles. A sign of His promise.

My burdens were actually His promises all along.

I only needed to give them to Him. With tears flowing like rivers of joy I kiss His feet while whispering never ending “thank you”s.

Our burdens remain heavy, dirty coal until we give them to Him, where He transforms them into weightless promises.

Jeremiah 29:11

1For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, to give you a future and a hope. 

He uses all evil, all the bad things that happen to us, for His good. He can transform anything because HE IS PERFECT LOVE. But He won’t force us to let Him change it. He loves us, so He respects our free will. But if we’re brave enough to let go of it, THEN He can transform it, use it for good in our lives.

Romans 8:28 King James Version (KJV)

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

When I gave him my burden. When I let go of control, and cast out worry and anxiety, do you know what happened?

A breakthrough.

Everything is changing. Everything is rainbow bubbles.

taylor Golden