Time for Harvest

If you read through my previous posts you’ll see the journey God has taken me on the last 3 years. It all started on my mountaintop learning about love from the Father of Love. This time was special and intimate. I was secluded with Him from the dangers of the world around me. I was protected while He gave me vital lessons that I would need for the next phases in my journey.

From the mountaintop I went to the valley. Without the lessons of love I learned on the mountain, I would not have made it through this journey. In the pit of darkness, depression, and despair, I clung to what I was taught, I clung to love while I trudged through the trying situations in my life. As I was trudging something wonderful began to happen…

While walking in the darkness, hillsides on either side of me, stumbling over rocks, trees, and my own feet, I began to see light up ahead - the sun was rising. Every time I went to the valley more and more light began to seep in. I saw the mist swirling around the grass at my feet as dew drops began to form, catching the gentle rays of light spilling over the hilltops into the valley. The air became crisp with excitement as the valley turned from dark black night to a morning grey mist. Hope was rising. As this translated into my physical life; lawsuits were settled, debts were paid, relationships restored.

I had made it. I passed the test, darkness was now fleeing. The sun kept rising and rising until it became full bore morning. The flowers began to open up and sing “Arise, arise” as God’s glory filled every crack of the valley. I jumped and danced with joy as everything in my life I had been praying for began to turn. My prayers were being answered.

After 3 years of a vicious lawsuit, my ex and I were able to settle in peace. After 1.5 years since hurricane Harvey, we were able to refinance our home to begin rebuilding it. And after accumulating so much debt from the lawsuit and hurricane, we’ve been able to pay off huge portions bringing stability and peace back into our lives.

I reached the edge of the valley and was met with a grassy field. “It’s time to enjoy the Harvest”, He whispered to me. I ran forward, throwing my arms into the air shouting with joy! Finally! This is a place of peace, to rebuild and recharge. I’ve been in the field for about 2 weeks now. There is a gentle breeze that cools my back and makes the grass dance. There’s a single tree on a gentle hill for shade. In my field I dance and sing thankfulness for this place. I look back on the mountain and the valley, and the lessons He taught me through them both. I could now see why each and every struggle had to happen. He knew exactly what He was doing. Each trial gave me new strength, understanding, and growth that I would need to make it through the next phase. By trusting in Him the entire journey, I’ve been able to evolve as a person, to live more in the spirit than the physical.

Photo by   Phil~Koch   on   flickr

Photo by Phil~Koch on flickr

I love my field and my time here, but I also know that I won’t get to stay here forever, such is life. I glance over my shoulder and I tighten my fists over what catches my eyes…storm clouds. A threat to my peaceful field. They are in the distance, I still have more time before the storm reaches me. But I know it’s coming, I must reap as much harvest as possible to prepare for the storm. I know I’ll make it through, no matter what it contains, because He has prepared me for everything thus far. I know He has equipped me to make it through this too.

After all, the storm is where we see the miracles of God like no where else. Jesus asked the disciples to sail into the waters, where they were met with a storm that nearly took their life. It was only in that storm that they had the privilege of witnessing what no other souls would ever see; The King walking on water and calming the wind and waves, while Peter walked out in faith to meet him.

Matthew 14:22-33 The Passion Translation (TPT)

Jesus Walks on Water

22 As soon as the people were fed, Jesus told his disciples to get into their boat and to go to the other side of the lake while he stayed behind to dismiss the people. 23 After the crowds dispersed, Jesus went up into the hills to pray. And as night fell he was there praying alone with God.

24 But the disciples, who were now in the middle of the lake, ran into trouble, for their boat was tossed about by the high winds and heavy seas.

25 At about four o’clock in the morning,[a] Jesus came to them, walking on the waves! 26 When the disciples saw him walking on top of the water, they were terrified and screamed, “A ghost!”

27 Then Jesus said, “Be brave and don’t be afraid. I am here!”[b]

28 Peter shouted out, “Lord, if it’s really you, then have me join you on the water!”

29 “Come and join me,”[c] Jesus replied.

So Peter stepped out onto the water and began to walk toward Jesus. 30 But when he realized how high the waves were, he became frightened and started to sink. “Save me, Lord!” he cried out.

31 Jesus immediately stretched out his hand and lifted him up and said, “What little faith you have! Why would you let doubt win?”

32 And the very moment they both stepped into the boat, the raging wind ceased. 33 Then all the disciples crouched down before him and worshiped Jesus.[d] They said in adoration, “You are truly the Son of God!”


While I have a small amount of dread for the coming storm, I know God is going to use it for His wonders, and I will have the honor of experiencing something that will change my life forever, only by trusting Him in the trial.

But it’s not here yet, I still have time. Until the storm is here, I’ll be in my field…preparing.

taylor Golden