Born and raised in Houston, Texas, I grew up loving  Jesus, singing in choir, and soaking in nature. I’ve done a lot and been through a lot in my life. I’ve photographed the First Lady, sports celebrities, been featured on TV, created the world’s largest professional photography magazine, traveled the world, made millions and lost it all. I’ve also been divorced twice, beaten, cheated on, abandoned, slowly poisoned by breast implants, and nearly died in a hurricane. Life has thrown me some major curve balls but through a little therapy and a lot of  Jesus, I’ve somehow made it through stronger than ever.

When going through adversity it’s easy to become jilted, to not trust people, to put up walls. But I’ve learned to do the opposite. To forgive and to love. And there is such freedom on the other side. My goal is to share this freedom with you.

You can view Taylor's past photography work on Book of Faces and below.